Conscious creative CHANEL TRAPMAN: "I decided to start acting instead of reacting."


I am thrilled to put another very inspiring and loving person in the #supportyourlocals spotlight: Chanel Trapman. She is a conscious creative working on positive change in the fashion industry. She's the founder of MUMSTER & Co-Founder of The Impact Shop in the heart of Amsterdam. Chanel is so positive, talented and multi-disciplined! Whether it's producing event or promotion video content, storytelling for conscious fashion initiatives or hosting events, she is very eager to share her knowledge about sustainable fashion & she does it with a powerful passion! And that doesn't even cover everything she does, because she is also working hard on her very first own documentary! And it doesn't take long before you can see it! The premiere date is yet to be announced, but it will be in Amsterdam! I seriously can't wait to see it!

In this interview Chanel is being real honest. She shares how she would like to have better organizing skills, how she stopped chasing goals and how that affected her life and she also has some great advice for getting your portrait taken.



Chanel, can you tell me more about your creative business?

About 3,5 years ago I discovered I wanted to dedicate my skills to make a positive change in the fashion industry as a filmmaker. I got inspired by the documentary 'The True Cost'  to make a change in my consuming behavior and wanted to invite everyone along this journey. My platform MUMSTER started as a video platform, but soon I discovered I wanted to explore all ways to make people more conscious about their consuming behavior. I started writing and collaborating with all the awesome game-changers I could find. And just a few months ago Lisa Elsenburg asked me to start The Impact Shop, where I am able to create a physical place for all these game changers! Whether it's online or offline, I am determined to make this positive impact, whatever it takes! Will you join me?


What are your passions and how would you like people to know or learn about them?

My biggest passion in life is to really connect with people and help them find their own happiness by contributing to a beautiful society with their own skills. I want people to ask themselves what they really want in life and to go for it. My passion is to find talented people, bring them together and do awesome things that will convince people to become more conscious about themselves and their surroundings! I am talking about this with every breath and step I take and try to get everyone connected to this positive chain of change!


What's been the highlight of your career so far?

The moment I stopped chasing goals and just enjoyed the process of creating, learning and growing. A while ago I was so afraid of missing opportunities. I was comparing myself all the time. Now I am in that place of peace, I am trusting my connection with the universe completely. I am working hard with all my heart, so I know I will never miss out on anything and I can focus on the now. That has been a real accomplishment for me and a major highlight. Maybe it's more of a personal highlight, but it will be the root of all highlights yet to come. I decided to start acting instead of reacting.



What does your average workday look like and are you happy with it? What would you like to improve about it?

Well, I don't really have an average workday, haha! Every day I am working on videos, writing, creative concepts, producing events or photo shoots, managing The Impact Shop, working on my documentary, coaching some powerful women with my program 'Act to make an Impact', while I am finishing my education (almost there), spending time with my family and trying to keep up with that unstoppable social media madness.. GOSSHHH! I am really happy with all these opportunities, but I have to say I can really use a personal assistant, haha! No, I am kidding, but I want to improve my organizing skills. I have to plan more and stick to it. I am such a chaotic person and that is something I struggle with everyday. I really try to keep an agenda. There is some improvement, but I still have to cancel a lot of meetings last-minute.. (there are a lot of people nodding right now). It's just that I like to go with the flow. I want to stay open for people and opportunities. I feel like when we plan too much, nothing great will happen. You will never be surprised by life, because you're always a step ahead. Like life is planning a big surprise party, but you are constantly in the way.


What are your favorite ways of taking good care of yourself?

Well, I must say I can definitely improve myself in that area. I am really dedicated to my work and family that I tend to forget about myself. I don't really take time to exercise or prepare myself a proper meal. So I think it's a good idea to give myself a little bit more time to relax, eat healthy and exercise more. The reason that I am not taking good care of my physical health is that I now feel my mental health is the most important to me and it's taking all my time. I am very happy with where I am at work, my friendships, in my relationship, personal growth and breaking old patterns. I just assume I have accepted that that is my priority for now and I can't be perfect. But I think it is a good idea to take care of my physical health, because that has a big influence on your mental health as well, hehe..  But if I can name one way of taking good care of myself, I must say that taking power naps are my favourite thing to do! :)


Do you have a favourite brand or a person you admire? What/who and why?

Annemieke Koster is a woman I admire for her dedication to her mission to make a positive change in the fashion industry. She traded her safe marketing desk for her weaving machine in a factory in Enschede, without any knowledge about this machine and how to use it the right way.  She did research about sustainability in fashion and she discovered that designers could't get sustainable fabrics in The Netherlands for their fashion designs. So she decided to bring the textile industry back to Enschede, the former textile city, while she had never seen a weaving mill in her life! So she quit her job and invested all her savings in this project and now a few years later she is working together with all the great fashion designers in The Netherlands to make a positive change in the fashion industry! When someone tells me: 'I can not make a change on my own..' , Annemieke is my proof that you can!



Do you like getting your photo taken? Got any tips for people who feel insecure about that?

I really love it when people take a picture of me, so I finally have something to post on my Instagram, haha! In the beginning I found it really awkward to stand in front of a camera, but then I met Florine Nijntjes, also a really talented photographer like yourself. I think we just found a way of shooting pictures different than the usual blogger style. It's not that I don't like that photography style, but it didn't fit my personality at all! So the most important thing with getting your photo taken is that you find a way that suits you. I really hate to force a smile on photos, because after 1 second my lips start acting really weird, haha! But when I am at a party with friends or feeling happy about something, then I love to smile! But when I am shooting fashion photos for example, I like to express myself in a mysterious way with a strong message. So it is really important to create circumstances where you feel comfortable, then you'll get the best photos! If you don't feel comfortable you will always see it in the photos! So maybe start with shooting with a good friend with whom you feel comfortable and just have fun!


What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Well that's a really good question, I like to name two. Someone gave me the advice to really choose your peak time, so you don't have to step on the gas all the time. That advice really helped me grow and it's still in the back of my mind all the time. It taught me that timing is everything. You will not believe me when I say your advice was the second advice which helped me a LOT.  You, Landa Penders, said to me: "Try to see the person who is giving you a hard time as a teacher, not an obstacle". That really changed my whole perspective and gave me so much peace. So thank you for that! 


What’s next for you? What are your aspirations or ambitions?

My mission is to change the fashion industry and connect all the talented and caring people to make this happen, while I am expanding my family. I am really working my ass of so I am able to get another baby, because that is the most beautiful thing there is. People are crazy to think children are scary, annoying or take a lot of your free time. The reason I can do all these amazing things is because I am a loving mother and I care, I care about myself, about my son and about all the people around me, because I don't think about all the misery I am in because I can't have it all. I have accepted that YOU CAN'T HAVE IT ALL. People are so unhappy or spoiled these days, because they think they have to work hard, play hard, have 10.000 friends, go on 5 vacations and 100 festivals, have the perfect Pinterest home and be online 24/7. That is just impossible and my son makes me feel like.. like.. it's all good.


I am super grateful to have met this wonderful woman! Thanks for inspiring us with your answers, Chanel! 


Stay tuned for Chanel's upcoming documentary! If you have additional questions for Chanel, do not hesitate and post them in the comment section below. In the meantime follow  @ccchanellll & @theimpactshop on Instagram and check out her website - www.mumster.nl

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