My MORNING RITUAL for feeling energised & grounded

A while ago I shared I'm a Highly Sensitive Person. It basically means my senses are hyper sensitive, which means sounds, smells and bright light can be intense for me. I'm also able to pick up other peoples energy like a sponge, so when I don't protect my energy with conscious intentions, I feel drained during the day. You can imagine I don't really feel fond of being tired all the time, so I came up with a morning ritual to fight the fatigue. By performing it every day, no matter where I am or what time it is, I consciously make a deal with myself to be in touch with myself during the day. I've been doing this for the past three months now.  People have been asking me how it's working out and what it is I do exactly, so I felt like sharing it in a blog post! Here goes..


Let me first tell you I've never been a morning person. I love sleeping and dreaming and especially when my bed is warm and comfy it feels like a battle to actually get up. Especially on days where I have to be somewhere pretty early, my morning can become a race against the clock and frankly, that's a shitty way to start your day. But I'm not the only one, aren't I? It takes a little bit of discipline, but my main motivation during this morning ritual is to be kind to myself. So I wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than I have to and tell myself I don't have to 'turn on machine Landa' just yet. I just start with sitting up straight and try to keep my eyes open. 

I slowly slip into something warm, like leggings and socks, and go downstairs to make tea. While the water is heating up, I feed my birds, else they'll be hangry, hehe. I pour myself a nice cup of tea and go back upstairs to sit in front of my cute little altar. I have decorated it with candles, plants, my favourite parfum bottles and a mirror. I also tell my Google Home to start playing some meditation music to create good vibes. 


I put my tea mug on my pink crystal coaster and park my butt on my bright pink meditation pillow. Then I say thanks. I put my hands together like the namaste gesture and start thanking. I'm not religious, so at first I had no idea to who I was speaking. But it doesn't matter much who it is. You can thank The Universe, God, Your Intuition, Angels, Spirit Guides, basically anything that's of your own understanding. Expressing thankfulness raises your vibrations. It makes you feel good, and that's what you want, right? I just go with the flow and usually start by honoring the day before and point out what went right. If I feel like I would like some guidance with a certain thing, this is the time I ask for that too. 

After saying thanks I meditate. If I don't have an early appointment I don't look at the clock. There are two visualizations I do in the morning. The first one is to keep me grounded. Sometimes I'm in my head too much, but I need my body to be present in this moment, so in the visualization I connect a rope from my tailbone to the center of the earth. The second one is a visualization of my energy field being kept safe and sound. It doesn't really matter what the visualizations look like, some focus on colours, others on entities. Everything is correct, it's your intuitions choice. What matters is that these two visualizations help me stay connected in my body and most of all: they're like a conscious intention I set to not pick up other peoples energies and feel drained at 4 PM. I finish my meditation until I feel like it's been sufficient. Sometimes it's when my energy vibrates, sometimes it's after an insight that pops up. Just follow your intuition


Now there are also morning where my bed was just too comfy and I only have 35 minutes before I have to leave the house. In that case I decide to put less make-up on, because my meditation time is becoming a self care essential. I still say thanks and meditate, but this time it's a guided meditation. When I started meditating, I tried a lot of apps like Stop, Breath and Think, Headspace and Buddhify. That last one became a favourite, but now I feel like I'm in need of more spiritual topics, so I found Davidji on Spotify. This Californian bearded surf dude is amazing. I love his voice and I love his explanations of spiritual topics and use of mantra's. In guided meditations, a nice voice is so important, and Davidji's voice is so chill. I totally recommend to give his meditations a go!


After a meditation it's good to eat or drink something. So when I have a Medjool date to eat I'm the happiest girl alive, haha. But usually I sip my now very drinkable tea. It's good to take a few minutes to do nothing after a meditation. Just let yourself be for a little while and enjoy the food or drink to ground you again. 

For this new morning ritual I got myself a fresh notebook. After I rest for 5 minutes I pick out a colour pen and write in my Gratitude Journal. Sometimes it's free writing, sometimes a list of things I'm grateful for. Writing down positive affirmations or lists of what you'd like to manifest are also a great way to raise your vibration. I guess the concept of the Gratitude Journal can embody a blog post on its own, so stay tuned for that. 

This is where I hop into the shower and get ready for the day. The calmness of this Morning Ritual makes the start of my day a lot more pleasant. And so far it's very effective.


After having implemented this morning ritual, I can say that after a few months of doing it, I strongly feel the benefits. I'm hardly ever energy drained like I was before. Of course on some days I don't feel like meditating, but after a few days of not doing it, I feel like the cushion is calling me back. It's such a good way to stay connected to your body and mind. When you start the day in a mindful way, the benefits will be felt through the entire day. Start your morning slow and the day will treat you less hasty, or at least you will respond better to the hastiness. ;)

Are you looking for a morning meditation practice or have you found something that works for you? I'd love to learn about it! Leave me a comment or slide in my DM's on Insta. 

 PS. I have a little extra gift for you!
The past few months I've put all my favourite guided meditations in a Spotify playlist.

Click here to find it and get started right away. Enjoy! 

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