Stylist and fashion designer INEZ NAOMI: "I don't feel insecure, because I know I love what I'm wearing."

My studio is located in a building that's filled with creative entrepreneurs. It's really inspiring to talk to each other and see what awesome work we are all making. On the top floor there's the office space of Inez Naomi. She's a stylist and fashion designer from Rotterdam. Inez Naomi is known for her creative, colourful style. She describes it as a bit tacky, but in a chique way. Her work is influenced by mixing  different eras, from the 40s and the 80s, 90s and 00s. A sort of hybrid form of past aesthetics with a modern touch. Next to this, Inez thinks humor is very important and very necessary: "..even though I work really hard, I always bring humor to the job. Whether it's literally on set or visually in my work. I like to play with a touch of humor without it being corny. I love things a bit odd". As soon as I met Inez I knew I wanted to interview her for the #supportyourlocals feature. So happy she said yes. Read on to get inspired by this bombshell! 


Can you tell me more about your creative business?

I have recently launched STUDIO INCA, a creative studio that is specialized in developing creative concepts, styling and fashion design. We create bold content for brands in the field of fashion and advertisement and everyone in between. This can be helping out a brand with the design process of their new collection or styling a cool campaign. We offer a full blueprint where we help out from start to end, or we loop in wherever there is help needed, for instance by assisting the design team with digital sketches. Next to that I make editorial and personal work under the name Inez Naomi. In both businesses you can tell it's my work, however it felt natural to have the two separated. STUDIO INCA is more commercially aimed, as where Inez Naomi is very niche and really has my personal, surreal touch.

What are your passions and how would you like people to know or learn about them?

I love to create in a narrative way, to have a concept or a certain story to cling on to. This can be inspiration from everyday life situations, or for instance random things that are normally named as ugly or tacky. I automatically start visualizing how I can translate that into an aesthetically appealing visual. So do not care about anyone's opinion, because everything can be an inspiration!

What's been the highlight of your career so far?

Of course the launch of my creative studio and getting my own office in the center of Rotterdam!



What does your average workday look like and are you happy with it? What would you like to improve about it?

When I'm not on set, I am working from my studio in the center of Rotterdam. For me this is my creative space, I have all the necessities around me and decorated the place the way I feel most at ease. I mostly start in the morning after a good breakfast, with doing some trend research and answering emails. Of course this depends on the project I am working on, but mostly I'm preparing a photo shoot, drawing technical fashion designs or creating artworks. I am really happy with my workflow at the moment. I used to work from home, but for me that wasn't healthy, because I am a workaholic. I was working during nights and felt stressed when I wasn't working (the laptop literally looked at me). Now I have a place where I can create, work, think, and when I leave, I actually leave. This way I have more space in my mind to get inspired and live my life. And go to the gym every now and then, hihi.

What are your favorite ways of taking good care of yourself?

It's either eating really healthy and working out, or buying lots of chocolate and popcorn and watch Netflix, haha. I'm that bipolar! Oh and shopping is my self-care go to option!


Do you have a favourite brand or a person you admire? What/who and why?

 I admire Cher, because this woman has stated the most relatable quotes in a time where people weren't really saying things like that. My favorite Cher quote comes from an old interview, where she tells that her mom once told to her she should settle down and marry a rich man. Where she answers: "Mom, I am a rich man!" I also loved her looks back in those days, very feminine and glittery!


Do you like getting your photo taken? Got any tips for people who feel insecure about that?

I do, because I love to place myself in a certain scenery or show the outfits I really love to wear. That is why I don't feel insecure, because I know I love what I'm wearing. I think that's a good tip for when you're a bit anxious to get your picture taken: make sure you wear what makes you feel super good! 


What's the best advice you've ever gotten?

You reap what you sow. Most of the times this saying is used in a negative context, but for me it means keep planting seeds everywhere while you work your way to the top. In time you will be able to harvest what you've seeded and this helps you grow a lot. Work, work, work!


What is next for you? What are your aspirations or ambitions?

I wish to grow bigger with my studio, as in, working with more people so we can help out more and more brands. Also I'd like to go international with my personal styling work.



Keep an eye on Inez Naomi and STUDIO INCA! If you have additional questions for Inez, do not hesitate and post them in the comment section below. In the meantime follow @ineznaomi & @stucio.inca on Instagram and check out the websites - www.ineznaomi.com for her personal work, www.studio-inca.com for the creative studio.

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