I believe in manifestation when you throw things out in the universe. And for the new year I am figuring out what photography subjects make me feel most excited. My values have become stronger and stronger and on this day I can call myself a fierce vegan feminist that believes in self-love and body positivity. I've always loved expressing oneself through fashion styling, but have learned about the negative aspects of the fast fashion industries. Therefore I am adding fair, sustainable fashion to my list of values and that basically sums it up. 

What I love about photography is the art aspect of it. The story a photo tells and the thoughts that arise. But good photography is also an important tool for making statements! Make sure your audience spends a bit more time than usual watching your photos helps to spread your message. My biggest goal for 2019 is to work together with brands and personalities that want to help make the world a better place. Those that share my view of an ideal world where we all love ourselves in healthy ways, stand up for injustice, don't use animals as slaves and are in alignment with the love we put out. 

I've decided to list my photography goals for 2019 and share them publicly. Who knows, maybe you and I are a perfect match and have the same collaboration in mind. 



  • Photograph a fair fashion editorial where we show that fair fashion isn't boring or dusty, but very timeless and classy.
  • Photograph a body positivity campaign for a brand that's all about loving every imperfection, because imperfections are the most beautiful of all.
  • Photograph portraitorials (portrait-editorials) of people that are role models in the field of feminism, veganism, body positivity, sustainability and have an amazing style and attitude that's inspiring to capture.
  • Get published in a printed magazine with photos that contribute to a feminist, vegan, body positivity or fair fashion statement.
  • Photograph a sustainable jewelry editorial campaign with a beautiful message.
  • Photograph the new collection of a fair and sustainable fashion designer in an editorial style on location.
  • Photograph beautiful events that are in the spirit of body positivity, spiritual development, fair fashion or feminism. Help each other grow. 
  • BONUS: Travel to New York or Ibiza or *insert inspiring place* to work on one or more of these photography jobs.

So yeah, working on assignments like these would make me a super happy Landa. Not only because I get to photograph, which I love to do, but mostly because the photos will contribute to more awareness and a better world. I believe in the power of giving the right example. By doing so we can accomplish beautiful things! 

If you read this and can't wait to contact me, please do so. I'd love to get in touch and talk about a possible collaboration! 

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