Is it food or is it a BABY? Well, both actually!

It's true! I'm making a mini-human. I thought Valentines Day would be an appropriate day to spread this loving news. We're super excited and happy about this new chapter in our life. I get a lot of questions from the people I've had a chance to tell already. Here are a few answered for you. :)


How far are you?

I'm 16 weeks today. No, I'm not counting, I have an app that keeps track, haha!

Are you feeling sick?

Not anymore! I have felt 'evening sickness' in the beginning.

Why do they even call it 'morning sickness?'. xD

Do you know the gender yet?

No, but I won't share it when we find out either!

Was it planned?

People seriously ask me this all the time. Is it a rude question? I don't know.. but to answer it: yes and no. We weren't trying, but knew it could happen and it did. The baby is very welcome.

Do you have weird cravings?
GIVE! ME! FRIES! please? I think half of what I gained is from eating, hahaha.


When is it due?

August 1st 2019.

5% chance it will happen on that date, though. 

How about your photography work?

I'll be on pregnancy leave from around July 'till somewhere in October. If you want to shoot then, perhaps we can plan it around? ;)

Because of hormones, energy levels are a bit low. I haven't updated my blog and haven't started working on the new #supportyourlocals concept. Aaahhh, I'm so bad haha.  Also, I've been thinking about starting my own vlog. I recently found out I like watching vloggers go about their daily life, but sometimes I dislike the editing style, things go too slow, I'm missing some information or I can't really identify with the people. Especially young, creative (read: hipster, haha) moms are hard to find.. so maybe I can fill in that hole? And also add my photography stuff and self care findings of course! ;) I'd love to hear what you think! Please leave a message below and let me know! :) 

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