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Three weeks ago I got this idea stuck in my head for three days. I couldn't sleep of it, because I had all these ideas for.. starting a vlog. After the first night I thought I wouldn't do it, because I don't like putting myself in the spotlight and it's a lot of work besides my photography jobs, this blog, keeping up with social media and growing a baby. But then the next two days and nights the inspiration kept coming, so I decided to take it as a sign and just make one vlog to see if I liked it. I mean, I have all this inspiration and it's an opportunity to talk about taboos and a way to get out there more. 

In the meantime I have my very first 14 and a half minute vlog online right now. It's below if you want to check it out! It's in Dutch though, but maybe you can get inspired anyway. And since it's so fresh I figured it'd be smart to share what I am learning in this process, before it slips my mind. So here are 5 tips for starting your own vlog!



Tip 1: Get a flip screen
When I decided to give it a go I got all my gear together and realized my big DSLR and smaller system camera were missing a way to check if I liked the composition and if everything was sharp enough. I tried to film with both, but I missed a personal connection and I was focusing on the technique so much that I didn't feel comfortable enough. So if you can, get a camera with a flip screen. I bought the Canon SX730 HS, but there are plenty more in every budget range. 

Tip 2: Take your camera with you for a full week 

For my first vlog I decided to make a week vlog, this way viewers got to see parts of me in different situations. It's an easy way to experiment with your camera. I went out for a few lunches that week and showed my food, friends and the lunchrooms, but I also went to events and covered what I did there, how I felt during the day and what I bought. I also figured out it's a lot of fun letting others talk in the camera, if they dare to of course, haha!

Tip 3: Be honest and dare to be ugly
Kind of feels invasive to point a camera at your own face, right? I know! All the insecurities pop up. My nose looks weird, I have a double chin, I look so tired. You know what, that's GOOD! You show your real self and the world needs to see more real people. Be a part of the resistance against that part of the beauty industry that feeds of insecurities. Show your insecurities, be honest about them and be a super hero at the same time, my love. 

Tip 4: Gather your friends to vlog with you


As I'm writing this my friend Natasja is on her way to my house. We are going to film my second vlog together. I don't feel super confident yet to do a whole vlog by myself and there isn't much I am doing this week, so this is the perfect solution! We are going to prepare a little bit in advance, like the subjects we're going to discuss, and then we're going to talk. It's just like a normal girlfriend hangout basically, but now with a camera pointed at us. 

Tip 5: Edit in your own fun style
Ok, if you're not super tech savvy in editing, let me tell you: I AM NOT EITHER! Hahaha. I edited my vlog in iMovie. I am planning on buying better software when I'm absolutely sure I'm gonna be the next vlogging queen (I am the judge of that, hehe). What are the most important things to keep in mind while editing your vlog: have a good eye for moments. Don't be afraid to cut, cut, cut. Leave parts out that bore you, or make you feel too insecure about yourself. I like a fast pace in vlogs, so I try to edit it in a quick style, but still had a friend give me feedback it could be a bit faster. Then you maybe wonder how I made those colourful fonts and graphic thingies? Well, I made those in Photoshop in the size of the video (1920 x 1080 pixels) and kept the parts where I wanted to keep the video visible transparant. When you save in .PNG and import them into iMovie, you can slide them above your video timeline and voila, a fun filter. 


With these 5 tips you can get started and give your own twist to your vlog, whether it's for personal fun or to boost your business! Please share your vlogs in the comment below, I'd love to follow you! Got more questions, just ask 'em! ;)


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