Backstage at the FEMME & FIERCE photoshoot

Sometimes you find others and share very similar aesthetics with them. I'm so happy to be working together with Femme & Fierce,  an independent online boutique with a wide selection of lip, eye and heart shaped gifs floating all around their website! Pastel pinks, blues and yellows are the backdrop to beautiful hand picked clothing items from mostly independent Scandinavian brands. You can imagine it's always a pleasure to shoot the new collection!

During the last photoshoot, a few weeks ago, I photographed a little over 40 pieces of clothing in the studio. A shooting day like that goes quick. We always make sure we have a good vibe going on with lots of laughter - and secretly we also eat our favourite candy and vegan cookies, haha. After shooting all of the clothing, we decided to go outside to shoot three looks! After all, the sunlight was just about to hit the 'golden hour', a magical time for photographers. In the studio I control the lighting, but outside you can't really predict what conditions there are for you to photograph in. I really love to go with the flow and see what surprises are there for me to capture, like - in this case - the sunbeams hitting model Bente's hair! Watch the video above for a full impression of the photoshoot day! 

Photographer: Landa Penders | Owner Femme & Fierce & Styling: Stephanie van de Vijver | MUA: Mahzad Mirzaei | Model: Bente Timmerman @ IBTM Amsterdam

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