5 tips to prepare you for a PORTRAIT SHOOT

Getting your portrait photos taken can be a special experience. Whether you have a specific goal in mind to get them taken or not, you are being captured the way you are in this day and age. It will be special to look back at the photos in the future, but right now it can trigger some insecurities. Will you look your best and come across the way you prefer to? I always talk about what this means to my model, so we are on the same page. But being behind the camera feels different than in front of it, so in order to be able to write this article I got my portraits taken too! I got 5 tips for you to prepare yourself for a portrait session, so you'll feel most confident and ready to shoot!

Tip 1 - Think about how you want to come across

Take a little time to determine what these portrait photos are for. What should the person that sees them think? Maybe you want to come across as a creative, professional entrepreneur that looks super interesting to follow on Instagram, or you just want your grandma to think you're the most handsome grandchild she has. Or both, why not? It's important to figure this out before the shoot, so your photographer knows how to guide you to look that way.

Tip 2 - Find a photographer who's work you love

This might sound obvious, but I like to compare this to finding a tattoo artist! I look at the portfolio and not only focus on the work I really love, but I also take a good look at the work I don't like that much. It might help to show the photographer the photos you like most - just so he or she knows what you are looking for. If the photographer has written reviews from other clients, it might be helpful to read those too.

Tip 3 - Collect inspiration

A picture tells a thousand words, so in stead of just verbally explaining your wishes, show your photographer inspirational pictures! Go online or flip through magazines to find portrait photos you really love. By showing these your photographer will know what kind of lighting or photography style you like and he or she can direct you during the shoot to look the way you want to. 

Tip 4 - Prepare your styling & make it YOU

Now that you have found your inspiration, go into your wardrobe and pick out the clothes and accessories that fit the photo vibes. Also, it's important to really feel good in them, so don't wear them if they're not comfortable. It's a good idea to bring multiple looks to the photoshoot, so you can wear different things for variety. Make sure your clothes are ironed and clean so the photographer doesn't have to photoshop all the wrinkles away. Some models/clients prefer to have their make-up done by a professional. It's a good thing to consider. Contact your photographer about the available options.

Tip 5 - Dare to be ugly

You picked out the best photographer for this portrait shoot, so now it is time to trust him or her fully. Forget posing, the best moments are the ones you aren't forcing a duckface. A good photographer will capture you just as you are and help you feel at ease. Only the best photos will be chosen for the final selection, so it's totally fine when you don't look awesome in every single taken photo. In stead of worrying about that, try to get into the vibe you want to radiate. Try to connect to the goals you set for the photos and visualize the person watching the photo in front of you. Your photographer will guide you during the photoshoot, so try to let go and just have fun! 

I got these portraits taken by creative photographer Floor Besuijen. We took each others portraits, because we both needed new ones, so that came in handy! To be honest, I also felt quite awkward at times, which is totally normal. In the end the result is really cool and I'm happy with the photos. I hope this blog is helpful for your next portrait shoot. It'd be really fun to hear if the tips were of any use to you! Please let me know in the comment section below.

Feel like booking a portrait session with me as your photographer? FUN!

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