Yay, it's my BIRTHDAY - a year full of personal growth


The 21st of September, I always say it's the best day of the year. Today it's my 29th birthday! I woke up early to receive the cutest balloons and gifts from by boyfriend who had to go to work. I on the other hand have made sure I finished all my work before today, because I'm going away for the weekend. I'm going LARPing. Yes, you should google that, if  you don't know what it is.


I thought about writing a blog to look back on all that happened in the past year. I heard someone writing herself a letter on her birthday every year and that inspired me! So yeah, I'm 29 now and I feel so content. I'd like to sum up all the things that have helped me where I am today, so here goes!

  • In 2017 my physical health got a lot of attention. I started eating 100% plant based, did allergy tests, got surgery on my nasal musosa, lost 10+ kilo and started Zumba classes. Yes, I was definitely going left when the whole group was going right. But I kept taking those classes anyway. ;)

  • I officially (re)started my business! In about a month I'm one year old, woohoo. Hmmm, how should I celebrate?

  • I was asked by Pakhuis de Zwijger to speak in front of an audience about copyright in photography. It was because a long time ago Topshop sold a T-shirt with my photo on it without permission. So it was the first time I was speaking on stage and yep, I forgot to actually put the microphone to my mouth when I started my first sentence, haha. It was fun, I'd like to speak  more publicly. 

  • Then in 2018 I started picking up on business events and webinars about how to spiritually grow your business. Because yeah, I don't feel that old fashion way of being an entrepreneur is for me. I want to do it in love and light and with a lot of respect for my body & mind. And of course be of great service, and you can only take good care of others, if you care for yourself.

  • I eventually signed up for the Spirit Junkies Masterclass by Gabby Bernstein. HELLO UNIVERSE, I SAID YES. *BIG SMILE* And it's been such a great decision. In short this Masterclass is online and has 8 modules, the first are about identifying your statement, your fears and blockages and how to break through them. The second half of the Masterclass are about marketing your brand and that's where I'm at right now. Seriously, go and listen to some of Gabrielle's lectures and get inspired. This woman is a POWER HOUSE. 

  • I switched from Zumba to Yoga, because I still have to learn how to breath correctly with a Chronic Cold, hehe. But! I'm quite balanced and flexible, so hehe, ahum, lucky boyfriend. 
  • In April I went to travel to Thailand, which was amazing. I fed elephants in a sanctuary (MAGIC!), went zip lining through the jungle, went diving and actually took a dump on a traditional Thai toilet. No it was not voluntarily, but hey - I can cross it of my 'things I didn't think I wanted to do-list'.

  • I was asked to join the art collective Jong Talent in Vlaardingen and I had a really cool exposition at de Kroepoekfabriek. I'd loooove to do more expositions, it's really nice to see your work in print in stead of just digital. 

  • I've been meeting sooo many awesome people. I am so thankful for that! I get to work with them, have a lot of fun. Because yes, one of the keys to life is to have a lot of fun in everything you do. Fun, slow living, being mindful, take no shit and do no harm. I got so inspired by the girl power, self-care, collaboration over competition movement on Instagram. I got so many jobs out of this. If you're reading this and think I might be talking about you - yes, you know it's you, girl! - I want to say: Thanks for the good vibes and helping me pay my bills, y'all! 

  • Of course I'm also super grateful about my friends of many years. You know who you are. I'm extremely lucky to have found such warm, honest and accepting people in my life and I say cheers to many more years together. 

  • Speaking about one, I consider my friends to be my family right. And since my dear friends Emily & Steven got a little baby boy, I've become an aunt again. He's such a special little boy and I can't wait to hug him again and again. 

  • This was also the year I looked a bit deeper in my psychological health and I've self diagnosed myself as being Highly Sensitive. I wrote an article about it here. I always thought I reacted different to certain stimulus than others. For a while I even thought I could have a light form of autism. After reading a book about introversion which mentioned HSP, I started doing more and more research and I'm very positive there's nothing wrong with me as long as you don't make sudden loud noises or want to talk to me about the weather and or calories.

  • And last but not least, I got my own studio space right in the center of Rotterdam. It's such a fun, large space and I'm happy to share the building with so many creative peeps! If there's one thing I learned this year, it's that it is so important to surround yourself with positive, like minded people who want nothing but for you and them to grow and have fun and just live in the now. I'm happy I've found them get to work so closely with them. Wooohoooo! 

I feel very happy today and will celebrate my birthday with my friends & family next week. I guess some people get the shivers when they think they're about to turn 30 soon, but I don't feel that way. I am super confident about my age. Maybe it's because I got asked if my parents were home when I opened the door a while ago. This really happened. For real. Haha. And the funny thing is, I took the guys question literally and answered 'no'. Because they weren't. And then I told him I bought this house myself and he didn't believe me and walked off. Fair enough. Age is just a number and I'm a pretty old soul anyway. I love old souls. But now I'm drifting off and I still have stuff to do before I'm heading to Belgium to play amongst knights and other funky LARP characters. Enjoy your day! It's the best day of the year. ;)

PS. Tell me how you feel about your birthdays. Do you like to celebrate or are you one of those that have lost the magic? *Aww! Tell me in the comment section below! 

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