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Amy Hixson is the model in this fashion editorial shot in NYC. She's wearing 3.1 Phillip Lim. Photography by Landa Penders.
Amy Hixson
Model Ellen de Corte @ Euromodel NL voor Van den Assem gefotografeerd door Landa Penders voor Van den Assem - Modefotograaf Rotterdam - 10feet kledingmerk
Van den Assem
Jackie Cheung with blue hair and golden eye brows in a pink environment. Photography by Landa Penders.
Jackie Cheung
Bas Kosters modeling the "Clowns Are People Too" collection made in collaboration with Helina Eleonoora. Photography by Landa Penders.
Bas Kosters
Jackie Cheung in a portrait series with a temporary ostomy bag she needs for her endometriosis. Photography by Landa Penders.
Jackie Cheung - Endo Awareness
Portrait of Zahra shot for WDKA LSD graduation project by Landa Penders.
Dutch model Astrid Heuker with pastel purple hair, is wearing custom painted leather jacket from 'Kits Achter De Rits' with the Lovesick design. Photography by Landa Penders.
Owner of Black Box Vintage Collective in the Hotel Chelsea in NYC. Photography by Landa Penders.
Black Box Vintage Collective
Marc Jacobs mesh backpack fashion photography by Landa Penders
Timothy Slaght
Portret van creative Marjolein Heije, Visual Designer bij VICELAND, door fotograaf Landa Penders
Marjolein Heije
Dutch model Astrid Heuker. Photography by Landa Penders
Astrid Heuker
Raquel Duvalois - Fruit Puke - Photography by Landa Penders.
Portraits - Various
Dutch Basics 'The Bridge' Collection Campaign with model Linde Noa @ De Boekers, mua Monique Brinkhorst @ EE Agency, stylist Jackie Cheung and creative director Dóris Pires. Photography by Landa Penders.
Dutch Basics - 'The Bridge' Campaign
Model Kim Longwood with pink hair shot in front of a concrete wall while sticking her tongue out. Photography by Landa Penders.
Kim Longwood
Male model wearing fashion design by Sarah van Ours, dark blue suit with duck print, standing next to black helium balloons. Photography by Landa Penders.
Sarah van Ours
Slightly inspired by David Bowie model Tereza with golden make-up done by Nina Jafferji in NYC, photography by Landa Penders
Tereza Janakova
FW17 Furla Mini Metropolis Collection for sale at Van den Assem - - Photography by Landa Penders.
Van den Assem - Product
Model Cristina Piccone shot for Parisian Sweets in Brooklyn, NY. Photography by Landa Penders.
Cristina Piccone
Model Hibo in designer Katinka Feijs "New Romanticism" Collection Piece. Photography by Landa Penders.
Katinka Feijs
Half Chinese, half Belgian model with scabs on his face and a tattooed arm around him. Photography by Landa Penders.
Smoking Cat Lovers
Alena Chetoka, fashion model in studio photography, wearing black and gold vintage blouse. Photography by Landa Penders
NYC Models - Various

Landa Penders
Landa Penders is a fashion and portrait photographer from the Netherlands, focusing on statement brands, promoting self-love and sharing her expertise in photography.

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