Editorial photography to tell a story or make a statement. 

"I love developing a concept, get a creative team together, scout for a location and let magic happen. What I think is most fun is how you can not always predict what photos come out of editorial photoshoots. That's why I always keep an open eye for details that pop up on the spot. Those captured moments often are the best photos of the entire story."

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High quality photography for showcasing products.

"Shooting for a commercial purpose requires good focus to capture all the right details. The goal is for each product to look realistic, clear and attractive. And besides great quality photos, it's important to meet the brands' visual identity. Because working on commercial jobs often mean long days of work, I always try to keep a relaxing and fun vibe. That way we can maintain our hard work and focus."

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Show yourself. 

"I know, having a big photo camera pointed at you can trigger all kinds of insecurities. I can reassure you that yes, I will take a lot of shitty photos of you, haha. But also a bunch of pearls, and that's what we're going for! I always ask the people that book a portrait session with me how they would like to express themselves. I can then advise and reassure them during the photoshoot."

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Documentation of sustainable (fashion) events.

"I really support the sustainable movement and hope to see it get mainstream one day. After seeing documentaries on the truth behind fast fashion I felt compelled to become more and more conscious about my own shopping behavior. I'm so happy to see there are wonderful brands out there that contribute to better conditions for humans, animals and our planet. It's always a pleasure to document sustainable events and get to meet and support the game changers of this field!"

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