Raquel Duvalois 
Son of a Brand Agency 

Landa Penders is a very passionate photographer with an eye for detail. She knows what she is good at and she also executes it in her work. She is incredibly creative and a great person in contact. Convincing, thoughtful and helpful. Very nice to work with.

Alexandra van der Vloed 

Van den Assem 

Een oprechte, lieve persoonlijkheid met humor en een geheel eigen stijl, dat is hoe ik Landa zou omschrijven. Fotografie is haar passie en dat zie je terug in haar werk. Ze zoekt altijd naar de beste oplossing en gaat geen uitdaging uit de weg. Een zeer gewaardeerde collega.

Dóris Pires
Dutch Basics

Landa is a creative and fun photographer to work with. I love her style, talent and flexibility and we can work really well together. So far I’ve asked her for 3 of our campaigns and a next project is coming soon. Need I say more?

Marjolein Heije
Visual Artist 

Working with Landa is super fun, she is a true reflection of her work. Bright, fun, honest and she knows what she’s talking about. Landa is able to capture your idea/concept easily into reality and doesn’t settle for less.

Laura van Dixhoorn-Beijsens
OUT LOUD Studio  
Landa understood exactly the vibe I wanted to create for an editorial shoot, we definitely were on the same page. Her work on our website truly makes the whole brand pop out and I couldn’t be prouder of the end result. Plus - she is a mega babe and super fun to work with!

Chanel Trapman

The Impact Shop 

I have never met such a talented and kind person. I asked Landa to photograph the opening of The Impact Shop in Amsterdam. This opening was a very special moment to us, a dream coming true. Landa captured the memories of this evening in a way I can’t even explain. The next day I could already send all the participants their photos and impress everyone with the speed and quality of Landa’s work.  Besides the fact that Landa is very professional, it also feels like she is part of the moment and makes sure everyone gets the best version of themselves captured.