Fashion & Portrait Photographer

With over ten years of experience, you'll find Landa Penders most creative & focused with her camera in hand. Good lights & creative vibes are the key ingredients for her photography.  She's based in Rotterdam, NL - but works worldwide.

Landa is thrilled to work together with brands and influencers who put their focus on ethically-made, sustainable & cruelty free practices. 


"Landa understood exactly the vibe I wanted to create for an editorial shoot, we definitely were on the same page. Her work on our website truly makes the whole brand pop out and I couldn’t be more proud of the end result. Plus - she is a mega babe and super fun to work with!Laura | OUT LOUD Studio  


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Portfolio Books

Curious to see my work? I have divided my photography in the categories fashion, commercial, portraits & music. Go have a look!  

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Photography tips, behind the scenes videos, inspiring interviews, self-care findings & personal mind doodles. You can find all of this and more on the blog.

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Visual storytelling, commercial photography, portrait sessions & more. Interested in a possible collaboration? 


Latest News

In very exciting news for my family, but perhaps less convenient for you, I’ll be on maternity leave from July up to and including October 2019. That means that currently I only take on photography jobs for May &June. During my leave I will keep an eye on my inbox as I will take on bookings for November 2019.

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Once a month you'll find me in your inbox, filled with photography updates and mind doodles about self-care, feminism and fair & sustainable fashion.  It's a journey, y'know. Wanna come along for the ride? Sign up here!

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